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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Effective date of applicability

 The effective date for levy of Service Tax on Aggregator’s services shall be 1st March 2015. The amendments in Service Tax Rules 1994 and Notification No. 30/2012-ST have been made w.e.f. March 1, 2015 itself, i.e. date of notifications.

The aggregators were till now not specifically covered under the Service Tax and  could not catch the attention of revenue authorities.

Income Tax Deductions for salaried person

The Income Tax Act 1961 provides that after determination of gross total income of an assessee, certain deductions there from may be allowed. These deductions detailed in chapter VIA of the said Act which must be distinguished from the exemptions provides in Section 10 of the Act. While the former are to be reduced from the gross total income, the latter do not form part of the income at all.

Calling unnecessary documents in Scrutiny assessments

During scrutiny assessment the A.O waste not only his assessee time but also other parties with whom his assessee had entered into transactions. For verification purpose , notices are issued calling for information, documents, and evidences and sometimes for personal appearance as well.


As we all know, Service Tax is levied when an activity is carried out by one person for another for a consideration i.e., two persons are involved – a service provider and a service receiver. The term ‘person’ is defined in clause 37 of section 65B of the Finance Act, 1994 which, inter alia includes ‘government’.

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