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Compensation under automobiles Act, 1988 – Some problems

The automobiles Act, 1988 is Associate in Nursing Act of the Parliament of Asian country that regulates all aspects of road transport vehicles. The Act came into force from one July 1989. It replaced automobiles Act, 1939 that earlier replaced the primary such enactment automobiles Act, 1914.

How can you Control Risk in Your Investment Portfolio

Ignorance and lack of awareness in the investment field can prove to be expensive. In the world of finance and investment, risk management is very closely related, rather necessary for measuring performance. Understanding risks is therefore, a crucial part of building your financial and investment knowledge.

The Best capital protection investment plan?

Protection of your capital is a Big task ! You have your higher studies planned, EMI to take care of and a huge college fees for your children awaiting to empty your purse in couple of years. And, of course, unwanted emergencies like health issues and uncertainty at work which can lead to unexpected personal finance problems.

Future of Accountancy Report

What does the future look like? According to the Intuit® 2013 Future of Accountancy Report, the future of the accounting profession is undergoing a dramatic shift as current and potential clients expect real-time support; access to their financial information anytime, anywhere; and their accountant provides expert advice in an increasingly complex, global business world.

Modern Advocate need to 13 changes in Indian Courts

1. Dress Code Change: No doubt Indian lawyers wear power dress and we as citizens respect the dignity of it, yet mostly the black and white combination is assigned to hotel waiters & railway staff also. These reasons limitise the unique privilege to lawyer’s dress. Seldom lawyers ignore to go in functions straight from court, as they feel uncomfortable in the dress which may have same colour code of serving staff. Grey with white shirt’ on the other hand is recommended by many lawyers.

Art of Legal Writing: Impact and Analysis

It is an effort on a subject, which as a part of legal profession; I know is the one of the most important but yet an underrated area known as Legal Writing. Public perceives legal professionals to be good draftsmen. However, it’s a fact that time devoted towards developing art of legal drafting by legal professionals is much lesser than the time devoted towards analyzing and interpreting laws. In our education system also, much lesser time is devoted towards teaching of drafting skills to students in legal field.

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