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Here I am discussing about to prepare financial reporting subject for ca final .

As you are going to fight with ca final examination in November 2014, Financial reporting is the best scoring subject if you prepare with trick ,We have to study and understand as it is going to be part of our day to day life after being Chartered Accountant. ICAI is also expect expertise knowledge in this subject .

How to Study in Last Few Days before Exams.

First, Plan your days. Keep two days before exams for the first paper

Second, You are left with another twelve days. Divide the twelve days into two parts which gives you 24 parts.

Third, You will need to divide the parts for each subjects. Suppose other six subjects will get 4 parts each. (4 half days each)

Dear CA Students as you also know that the May 2014 Examination are coming very fast and only about One and Half month is this time you should study carefully ,Few of the points I have summarized for You .Please go through these points.I think these will be certainly work for you as for tip for study .First you should go through the syllabus to get a idea as to what chapters and the coverage under each chapter. This will help you to prioritize  of topics to be read and also the chronological order in which topics are to be read.

CA Articleship

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Such is the importance of Articleship. It’s just like another water body. Unless a IPCC qualified student throws her/himself into this water body, how s/he can dream of becoming a CA – I mean a good, knowledgeable and updated CA and not merely another Certified CA by ICAI. As everyone having a Driving License, may not know how to drive a car.

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