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Appearance & Audit under GST Law

Indian Legislature provided special class of persons called Advocates in Advocates Act, 1961 to practice all Indian laws. Section 29 of Advocator Act, specifies that Advocator alone are entitled to practice the profession of Law & Section 33 of Advocates Act specifies that Advocates alone entitled to practice the profession of law before any Court or before any authority or person.


The three day meeting of GST Council scheduled from 18th to 20th October, 2016 ended in two days only with a resolve to meet again on 3-4 November and then on 9-10 November, 2016 to discuss rate stricture and draft GST law respectively. The winter session of Parliament has already been convened from 16th November, 2016.

How GST effect on Small Traders and Startups

The GST will have an impact on every individual of the nation.If you are in confusion whether the Goods and Service Tax (GST) is necessary for you or not, then I will make you clear about it. After gaining presidential assent on September 8, 2016 and formation of GST Council ,the GST is now soon became a reality.

Impact of GST on Real Estate Sector


Model law of GST has come in public domain on 14.06.2016 and bill has been passed in Rajya Sabha and even expected to get effective from 01.04.2017. The purpose of this article is to give overview on impact of GST on Real Estate Sector due to change in Indirect tax structure. GST will play a major role in real estate sector as most of the purchases made by builder from unorganized persons, but in GST they need to purchase from organized persons.

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