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How can you Differentiate  between a ‘Home loan’ and a ‘Loan against property’

I have discovered that a lot of people can’t differentiate properly between a ‘home loan’ and a ‘loan against property’. many of us decision me to inquire a few ‘home loan’ against security of a property already owned by them. it’s not a ‘home loan’. Instead, it’s a ‘mortgage loan’ or a ‘loan against property’ or a ‘LAP’.

It is very difficult to buy the house from our own saving without obtaining a home a hikes in property price in last Many Years. It becomes almost impossible for middle and lower class to buy an house . Home loan becomes necessity to Purchase a house.we will discuss the tax benefits which one can avail under the income tax act,1961 on purchase of House Property including all cost like stamp duty and registration expenses.

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