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What is Mutual Fund Monthly Income Plans ?

Monthly Income Plans seem like a good and wide umbrella which will protect the investors from the vagaries of the market weather. It is mostly PERCEIVED to be “a risk-free product which will deliver regular incomes month after month in an un-interrupted manner while the original investment remains safe and sound.”

Best Ways to Multiply Your Wealth Through Investments

you get tensed about how to cut on tax and save more and more without tilting your financial balance. Loads of suggestions, options and contradictory advice coming from your surrounding make the task lot difficult for you to decide on something particular. Here we are discussing some basic investment plans which are tax saving plans with good dose of return and security.

Falling in Interest rate

Interest and return on investments (For e.g. Fixed Deposit, Property and other investment tools) are continuously falling. But on the other hand, The return i.e. interest rate on Public Provident Fund, Kisan Vikas Patra, National Saving Scheme, Senior Citizen Saving Scheme is quite higher as compared to other market investment options.

Why we should invest through SIP?

SIP or systematic Investment Plan, as it is known every one, is a method of investment offered by Mutual Funds to help investors save regularly by committing a fixed amount of investment in a scheme on monthly basis. The units are allotted on the basis of NAV existing on the date of investment. It helps those peoples who can’t invest bulk amount in mutual funds; it is like a Recurring Deposit.

Indian Citizens who had been facing of problem of inflation since last so many years got a hope to a stream of some secured real income by way of  interest on bonds on their hard earned savings at the rate that will also inflate with the  levels of inflation. It will be a tool to fight with inflation of middle class and lower class persons whose income doesn’t increase with the level of inflation

Beginning of New year everybody think to plan their investments to save the tax By means of this article, I aim at helping in the same by offering an insight into the benefits of investing in Tax implications of investing in mutual funds.It is a financial product that pools money of different individuals and invests on their behalf into various assets such as equity, debt or gold as per the objective of the scheme. Based upon the investor’s financial goals and risk appetite, there are several funds to choose from.

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