Common problems faced in GST portal and solution

Common problems faced in GST portal and solution

Everything has two sides good and bad. But only good sides of GST are discussed in many places, problems of GST portal are not properly discussed in those places. With the good sides, it is also important to know about the problems of GST because you will search online more when you face problem rather than when there is no problem.

On 1st July 2017 GST (Goods & Services Tax) started with a hope that it will stop the complication of indirect taxation and will bring a good and simple taxation system in India. The initiatives will be good in real if GST will provide a good portal and helpdesk. But the most harassing part is, both the GST portal & portal helpdesk is not providing sufficient information and proper updates to the taxpayers. Even sometimes it provides backdated information towards the taxpayers and confuses them.

If you are dealing with GST, you must face one or more of the following problems, such as,

#1 Portal does not update with the current amendments

GST rules are changing day by day. But GST portal shows previous information for a long time instead of updated information. For example, last dates to file GST Returns extended for several times, but GST portal did not update the last dates in the portal and still showing the previous due dates.

#2 Helpdesk call attenders does not give even any simple solution

GST helpdesk call attenders do not provide any solution regarding any problem most of the time. Even if you call different time, you may hear different answers from them.

#3 Does not give reply to the emails in time

If you call in GST portal helpdesk, most of the time they will refer you to send an email to In reply, they will give you a ticket id but didn’t give the proper solution in time.

#4 Does not provide any clarification on any error occurred in the website

You may face several errors in the portal. For example, most of the Composition taxpayer are facing problems while trying to upload their GSTR-4 JSON file in the portal. But any notification regarding this matter is not available on the portal. Even GST helpdesk does not provide any satisfying answer, they tell you to wait for sometime. I know that this is a temporary problem, but GST portal must need to issue a notification regarding this because many taxpayers are worried about this matter.

#5 Does not update the Taxpayer’s profile in time

Taxpayers, who opted in / opted out from Composition scheme, are facing this kind of problems. Their profile is not updated as per rule. For example, the taxpayer who opted in composition scheme on 1st Oct 2017 needs to file GSTR 1,2,3 for Jul, Aug, Sep. But there is no option for GSTR 1,2,3 in their profile now. Even there are no previous records of GSTR-3B in the profile.

#6 Problem in PDF file generating

Sometimes PDF files of returns and challans are not generating. This is also a problem. These are only a part of some common problems facing the taxpayers in the GST portal. Taxpayers are facing a lot of other problems and worried about GST. But didn’t get satisfying answers from GST portal.

GST portal problems

My Suggestion regarding these common problems,

1. Follow & Tweet to GST official Account

I observed GST department is very active on Twitter. They release the notifications and updates on their official twitter account first. They also give answer (not all time) to some questions tweeted by the public. You may follow GST@GoI and GST Tech on Twitter.

2. Search internet

You may search your issues on the internet or watch videos on youtube regarding your problem. Most of the time you will get the satisfying answer from there.

3. Call at GST helpdesk

I told you earlier that helpdesk is not so helpful, but you may call at GST helpdesk for minor problems. Sometimes they solve minor issues. GST helpdesk no is 01204888999.

4. Send email to GST helpdesk with the screenshot of the problems

I know it is not a good option, but still, I am telling you to do that. May your luck favor and will receive the reply, also it will be an evidence if any problem arises in future regarding your problem.

5. Take Screenshot

Always take the screenshot, if there is any problem in the portal. Also, take screenshots of receipts if PDF not generate. 6. Capture screen video If possible, try to record the screen video while uploading any data or pay tax in the portal.

Finally, I can say that most of these problems are common to all taxpayers, no need to worry about that. Maybe most of these problems are temporary and happens only for lack of updates in GST portal and helpdesk.

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