How To Buy Bitcoin Cash on Coin Switch

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash on Coin Switch

Cryptocurrencies are soon set to take the fiat currencies by storm with its increasing value and trust. Bitcoin has been the eye candy when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies. The success of the same cannot do away without the speculations and fluctuations of its prices. Disadvantages of such currency as its low transaction speed and high transaction fee led to increased disagreements. Recently, It is gaining importance due to the good performance of the coin in a short span of time from the time of its launch.

What is Bitcoin Cash?


It is a result of a hard fork in the Bitcoin’s block chain to mitigate the previous drawbacks of Bitcoin. Two different blockchains resulted in this hard fork leading to Bitcoin Cash. The changes in the protocol of Bitcoin’s block chain led to faster and cheaper transactions in Bitcoin Cash. Thereby, It has reached to rank 4 in the crypto-currency listings. One Bitcoin Cash is right now $446.18 with a circulating supply of 17,399,388 coins.

Launched in 2017 It has been listed in various cryptocurrency exchanges. A one stop to communicate with the most engaging exchanges is Coin Switch. Coin Switch is the leading cryptocurrency exchange aggregator which supports over 300 different tokens including Bitcoin Cash.

You can buy Bitcoin Cash easily with USD in CoinSwitch by following the simple steps below:

Create a digital wallet in any trustworthy online websites for cryptocurrencies.

Then you can head to Coin Switch’s official site to proceed with buying Bitcoin Cash.

Select USD in the first drop down you see amongst the two drop downs in CoinSwicth’s site.

In the second drop-down select Bitcoin Cash.

Then move ahead to click on view all offers tab next to the drop-down menu.

Once you click on “view all offers” Coin Switch takes you to a page where leading cryptocurrency exchanges are listed with the

corresponding values they offer for USD to Bitcoin Cash conversion.

Select the most convenient or feasible option in the list of exchanges.

Now the exchange site directs you to provide the Bitcoin cash wallet address.

As you provide the wallet address where your purchased this currency needs to be transferred, coin switch lists the directions and options for payment.

Select the credit card payment mode and proceed with making the payments by following the simple instructions on the screen.
Then you will be transferred Bitcoin Cash in the wallet address provided for the USD payment made.

Not only just buying the same is easy in Coin Switch for the exchange of US Dollars, one can use this currency price prediction to analyze the future trends in the coin price to make wise decisions. You can use USD or EUR in CoinSwitch to buy Bitcoin Cash, but ultimately you can buy Bitcoin Cash with the credit card.

CoinSwitch is a hassle-free, user-friendly site which helps in comparing and crypto conversion of different coins like BCH to BTC exchange, BTC to ETH exchange and more. For all the live prices and trends in cryptocurrencies in the past and the future, CoinSwitch is the most intuitive platform.

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