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A Bird View on Excise Duty on Job Works

A Bird View on Excise Duty on Job Works Under Provisions of Exemption to Excise Duty on Job Works under Notification No.214/86 assessee engaged in manufacturer on job work basis, he has to pay duty on material cost plus job charged. However, if a product covered under MRP provision is manufactured on job work basis, […]

Service Tax on Real Estate Transactions

Service Tax on Real Estate Transactions APPLICABILITY: Service tax on real estate transactions implication on almost every sector, and real estate is no exception. With the introduction of the negative list concept since July, 2012, the scope of applicability of Service tax has increased manifold . A summarized analysis is contained herein providing guidance on […]

Service Tax on Export of Services

Service Tax on Export of Services The first notification relating to export can be traced back to Notification No.2/99 dated 28-02-1999 which means that since July 1, 1994 up to 28-02-1999 the concept of Export of Services was absent and consequently earnings in foreign exchange suffered service tax in contrast to the exporters of goods […]

Service Tax on Builders and Developers

Service Tax on Builders and Developers 1 Real Estate & Service Tax(Service Tax on Builders and Developers) 1.1  Definition of term Service – Section 65B(44)  Section 65B (44) defines service as – “service” means any activity carried out by a person for another for consideration, and includes a declared service, but shall not include—

Service Tax on Restaurants and Hotels

SERVICE TAX ON RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS – LEGISLATIVE COMPETENCE  The Finance Act,2011 has  inserted sub clause (zzzzv) and (zzzzw) to section 65(105)  of the Finance Act,1994 thereby imposed service tax on restaurant services and  short term  accommodation services provided in hotels with effect from May 1, 2011. The scope of the services are defined as […]

Clarification regarding Restaurant Service

Clarification regarding Restaurant Service Services provided by specified Restaurant Service in other areas of the hotel are liable to service tax.Under Service Tax Act. Circular No.173/8/2013 – ST F.No.334/3/2013-TRU Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Excise & Customs Tax Research Unit North Block New Delhi, 7th October, 2013  To […]