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e file of tax audit means the firms having turnover maximum limit prescribed under section 44AB and not declaring the income under section 44AD.

Cyber Crimes while e-filing of Income tax Returns

1. Registering PAN on income tax portal without the PAN holder’s consent:
 If any professional / accountant found that he has access to all pan data of its client company employees or other clients and/or he voluntary register PAN without consent is cyber crimes while e-filing of income tax returns, while the PAN holder/’s wanted to

Changes in Audit and Auditors- Companies Act, 2013

Changes in Audit and Auditors- Companies Act, 2013
The companies act, 2013 has come into existence on 29.08.2013 that replaces a nearly six decade-old legislation and overhauls the way corporate function and are regulated in the country.
This article contains the description of some provisions related to audit and auditors which have been modified in