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Income Tax is the tax which directly levy on income of any personal.Central Board of Direct tax manage all the things related Direct Tax.

Deduction for Interest on Education Loan

Q.1 who can claim deduction?  Only Individual can claim deduction under section 80E.  Q.2 what is Expenditure Qualified for deduction under section 80E?  Interest paid on Loan. Loan should be taken: 1. for Study after Senior Secondary or its equivalent 2. From a Bank, Financial Institution or an Approved Charitable Institution  Interest must be actually […]

Points to be known as an employee regarding taxation of Salary

When the employers are in the process of start asking your proofs for your investment declaration which you submitted for your tax & TDS calculation from your salary. It is not only the responsibility of the employer and also responsibility of the employee to give proper income and investments details to compute your tax to […]

Forms 15G & 15H For Tax Savings

As per Section 194A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, all banks and financial institutions have been mandatorily instructed to deduct TDS on all interest payments exceeding Rs.10000 in any financial year. Thus whenever any customer receives interest more than Rs.10000 from the Bank, then bank have to deduct TDS@ 10% on such Interest Income. […]

Tax Implications of investing in mutual funds

Beginning of New year everybody think to plan their investments to save the tax By means of this article, I aim at helping in the same by offering an insight into the benefits of investing in Tax implications of investing in mutual funds.It is a financial product that pools money of different individuals and invests […]

Planning for housing Loan?

Planning for housing Loan? You can generally seek a first time housing loan for buying a house or a flat, renovation, extension and repairs to your existing house. Most banks have a separate policy for those who are going for a second house. Please remember to seek specific clarifications on the above-mentioned issues from your commercial bank.