Income of Trusts

Income of Trusts In India there are many religious/charitable trusts for e.g. temples, Ashram, Gurudwaras, hospitals, educational, etc. propagating and working for social and charitable activities. What about their financial and taxing matters? These trusts have to follow many regulations. Mainly they have to follow the rules of Bombay Public Trust Act (For Maharashtra State), […]

Tax Exemption on Leave Travel Allowance

Tax Exemption on Leave Travel Allowance We looked at the conditions governing tax exemption on leave travel allowance (LTA). In this post we will look at the calculation of the tax exemption amount. The exemption is available only on travel expenses (ticket fare etc.) incurred by the employee on leave travel. Expenses on local conveyance, […]

Service Tax on Export of Services

Service Tax on Export of Services The first notification relating to export can be traced back to Notification No.2/99 dated 28-02-1999 which means that since July 1, 1994 up to 28-02-1999 the concept of Export of Services was absent and consequently earnings in foreign exchange suffered service tax in contrast to the exporters of goods […]

Service Tax on Builders and Developers

Service Tax on Builders and Developers 1 Real Estate & Service Tax(Service Tax on Builders and Developers) 1.1  Definition of term Service – Section 65B(44)  Section 65B (44) defines service as – “service” means any activity carried out by a person for another for consideration, and includes a declared service, but shall not include—

Starting New Business? Follow the Laws!

1. First of all, one should decide the constitution of the business, for e.g. Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Company etc. If one has to start Partnership Firm, then will have to take registered Partnership Deed according to Indian Partnership Act. To Start Company or LLP, one has to get registered under Companies Act. Further now, as […]