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While filing Income Tax Returns NRIs need to know these things

Income earned by NRI from abroad is not taxable within India.Some NRIs also have an earning in their motherland country, India in the form of interest from deposits, House property , etc. This income has a basic limit of exemption, which is Rupees Two lac. If the NRI earnings from such sources cross the limit of two lakh, then they should file their tax return.

How can you Differentiate ¬†between a ‘Home loan’ and a ‘Loan against property’

I have discovered that a lot of people can’t differentiate properly between a ‘home loan’ and a ‘loan against property’. many of us decision me to inquire a few ‘home loan’ against security of a property already owned by them. it’s not a ‘home loan’. Instead, it’s a ‘mortgage loan’ or a ‘loan against property’ or a ‘LAP’.

788 businesses underneath DRI Scanner for export proceeds pending for realisation

Directs Enforcement Directorate to take important motion underneath FEMA with appreciate to 216 agencies with recognize to the duration earlier than 1st March, 2016 and 572 organizations for the duration after 1st March, 2016 for which each such business enterprise had export proceeds pending for realisation for extra than Rs. a hundred crore;

Input Tax credit under GST Model

this is the seventh in the series of proposed articles at the GST version regulation. The motive is mainly to create focus and allow one to study the accidental impact as perhaps applicable for each quarter/ man or woman. it may also useful resource in illustration wanted for modification of the model GST regulation to make it tax payer pleasant and meet the objective of readability, truth and transparency.

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