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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Falling in Interest rate

Interest and return on investments (For e.g. Fixed Deposit, Property and other investment tools) are continuously falling. But on the other hand, The return i.e. interest rate on Public Provident Fund, Kisan Vikas Patra, National Saving Scheme, Senior Citizen Saving Scheme is quite higher as compared to other market investment options.

Daughters right in ancestral property

The first question after the Supreme Court recent ruling in Prakash & Ors v. Phulavati & Ors, rendered on 16 October 2015 comes to everyone’s mind is whether the Supreme Court is right in giving the ruling or not, but what matters now is not whether the Supreme Court is right or not, but whether the daughters who have been waiting to get their right, can still get their right in the ancestral property if their father have expired before the date of the 2005 Amendment Act.

Service tax assessees to file annual return

Although, with the government resorting to implement unified taxation regime GST in near future, it was hoped that the number of returns to be filed by an assessee would reduce substantially and this has been done in case of Central Excise Assessees which is highly appreciated by the trade and industry. However, at the same time, service tax assessees will be required to file Annual Return in addition to the half yearly returns presently filed by them. This has been done by amending Rule 7 of the Service Tax Rules, 1994 which will be applicable with effect from 01.04.2016. This article is an attempt to analyse the probable consequences of the amendment.


The Government of the day believes that taxation is a major tool available to the Government for removing poverty and inequality from the society. To a common man, tax, surcharge or cess does not make any difference as all these modes of extracting money from the citizens have been used since many years. However, one may understand that while taxes go to common pool in Consolidated Fund of India, surcharge and cesses are specific purpose or end use levies collected alongwith or otherwise on incomes, goods or services.

Presumptive Taxation of Business: Analysis of Amendments

Section 44AD widely affects the businesses in small sector. It was brought in its present shape by Finance Act 2009 wef AY 2011-12. It implies that legislature at that time thought it fit to take a year extra to have impact study of the section. However section 44AD has been amended by Finance Bill 2016, wef Financial year commencing from 01-04-2016, without providing enough time and space to thinks about its implications. This article is a humble attempt to look into and look through amendments proposed in section 44AD as amended by Finance Bill 2016

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