Annual e-Form Filing Guidelines for ROC

Annual e-Form Filing Guidelines for ROC

As part of Annual e-filing, organizations incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 are required to efile the following documents with the Registrar of groups (RoC):

balance-Sheet: Form 23AC to be filed by means of all corporations*

profit  & Loss Account: form 23ACA to be filed by way of all agencies

Annual return:Form 20B to be filed by means of corporations having share capital

Annual go back: form 21A to be filed by using agencies with out percentage capital

Compliance certificates:form sixty six to be filed by means of agencies having paid up capital of Rs.10 lakh to Rs. 5 crore

*If the record length of form 23AC exceeds 2.5MB, please use extra Attachment Sheet. Please comply with the step-by way of-step method as given under, for importing the extra Attachment Sheet.

step by step procedure for additional Attachments to Form 23AC :

1. If the size of Form 23AC exceeds 2.five MB, do away with a few attachments or cut up and fix simplest a small part of the attachment to restrict the form size to 2.five MB. you may upload the ultimate/ different parts of attachments one at a time the use of ‘additional Attachment Sheet’ as beneath.

2. down load the ‘additional Attachment Sheet’ from ‘Annual filing corner’ link on the homepage of MCA portal.

3. input the CIN and click ‘Pre-fill’ button to robotically fill the call and cope with of the business enterprise inside the eForm.

four. Fill the date of applicable balance Sheet.

five. select the kind of file from the dropdown list and click ‘connect’ button to ‘browse and choose’ the report to be connected. you have got the option to attach most 5 files.

6. Fill the signatory details i.e. Designation and DIN/ club No.

7. Affix the digital Signature certificates of the signatory

eight . click on ‘verify’ button. In case of any errors, rectify the same and repeat this step.

nine. near the form and keep it once more on prompting through the device. Please make certain that length of ‘extra Attachment Sheet’ does now not exceed 2.5 MB.

10. if you wish to attach greater attachments, please down load a fresh form and repeat the above steps. you have the option to upload maximum ‘additional Attachment Sheet’ towards one shape 23AC.

eleven. After uploading of form 23AC on MCA portal, machine will prompt for following options:

1. report form 23ACA 2. document additional attachments to shape 23AC

12 . choose the second one choice and upload stored ‘additional Attachment Sheet’.

13. After uploading of 1 ‘extra Attachment Sheet’, device will once more spark off for making a selection. if you have the second one ‘extra Attachment Sheet’ for importing, pick the second one alternative once more and add the identical. otherwise pick out the first choice and add form 23ACA to complete the filing and continue to ‘price option’ screen.

14. if you have uploaded two ‘extra Attachment Sheets’ system will set off you to report shape 23ACA to complete the submitting and continue to ‘payment alternative’ display.

vital points to consider

1. stability Sheet and profit & Loss money owed are to be filed as separate documents with one-of-a-kind e-bureaucracy;

2 . every e-form along side the applicable attachment(s) should be much less than 2.five MB.

3. The stability Sheet, earnings & Loss Account and Annual go back are filed as attachments to the respective e-bureaucracy. A scanned replica notably will increase the scale of the record except being more highly-priced. you’re consequently, recommended to transform the text report/ Excel sheets with the aid of using the PDF converter software program (PDF conversion facility is also available at the MCA portal for business customers) and upload these attachments as PDF files.

4. The MCA database in appreciate of permitted Capital and Paid-up Capital desires to be validated by using the respective organizations, as it may now not be accurate. The organizations are requested to apply for correction of master statistics, should they find any discrepancies. within the meantime, the organizations can declare the ideal quantity of authorized Capital and Paid-up Capital within the respective annual submitting paperwork.

how to do the filing corporations can do e-submitting in three exclusive ways:

1. The agency representative can upload the e-bureaucracy at the MCA portal via the ‘Annual submitting corner’ hyperlink (after registering oneself as a person of the portal) at his convenience from his office/ home. that is the most handy way of e-submitting.

2. The agency consultant can put together the e-paperwork as according to suggestions, get them digitally signed with the aid of the authorized signatory, copy them in a CD or a pen force and go to the closest “Registrar’s front workplace” (RFO). RFO personnel will help in importing of eForms on MCA portal. For addresses/ smartphone numbers of RFOs, please refer to the “Facilitation Centre” hyperlink on the homepage of MCA portal.

3. The business enterprise consultant can also contact any of the certified filing facilities (CFCs) for the yearly submitting of e-bureaucracy via paying the provider charges to the CFCs. The details about the CFCs are to be had below the ‘certified submitting Centre’ tab on the homepage of MCA Portal.

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