MCA notifies some sections of new company law

MCA notifies some sections of new company law

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs notified some key sections of the new Companies Act. MCA notified 98 sections of the new Act, it said in a press note.

The sections so notified will come into effect from September 12.

“These are independent sections, which do not require the publication of rules. Currently, ministry is going through the process of receiving suggestions on draft rules,

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has notified 98 sections of the new Companies Act, 2013. These sections have come into effect from 12th September 2013. Subsequent to coming into effect of these Sections under the new Act, the corresponding Sections under the Companies Act, 1956 automatically stand repealed. For other Sections, the Companies Act, 1956 still holds good till the relevant sections under the new Act are notified.

In the present write up, we focus light on some of the important provisions which have been notified for attention of our readers. A complete list of all the sections which have been notified is also given at the end of write up for easy and ready reference of our readers.

Many of the sections which have been notified have provisions similar to that of Companies Act, 1956. However, in some of the Sections new provisions have been inculcated which demands our immediate attention. Immediately after notifying these sections, the Ministry has also issued some clarifications regarding their applicability for stakeholder convenience. We will discuss on these clarifications also under the relevant sections.


Section 2 – Definitions

Section 2 under Companies Act, 2013 contains 94 definitions out of which all definitions except 12 definitions have been notified. In a few definitions, a particular portion has not been notified. A list containing the details of definitions notified and non-notified is given later at the end of the write up.

The definition of Private Company given under CA, 2013 is different from the earlier Act and the new definition has got notified on 12th of September 2013. The Ministry on 13th September 2013 has clarified that all incorporation documents being filed on or after 12.09.2013 must contain the new definition only.

Section 102 – Statement to be annexed to notice

Section 102 of CA, 2013 corresponds to Section 173 of CA, 1956 which specifies the requirement of annexing a statement along with the notice of general meeting where any special business has to be transacted. The important changes in this section are:

i. Interest of not only directors/manager has to be disclosed (as prescribed in CA, 1956) but also that of every key managerial personnel and relatives of directors, manager and KMP.

ii. Earlier, with regard to any special business concerning another company, disclosure of shareholding interest of director/manager in that other company had to be disclosed if such share holding was more than 20%. Now the percentage has been changed to 2% and also the same has been made applicable to all promoters, directors, manager and KMP.

iii. CA, 2013 also specifies that if any benefit accrues to any director, manager, promoter or KMP or their relatives because of non-disclosure or insufficient disclosure, then the concerned person will be deemed to be holding the amount of benefit in trust for the company. This is a new specification under CA, 2013.

iv. CA, 2013 also contains the penalty clause which provides for a penalty of Rs. 50,000/- or 5 times the amount of benefit, whichever is more. Earlier no specific penalty was provided.

v. This Section is applicable to all companies except to a One Person Company.

Earlier, Section 170 of CA, 1956 provided that the provisions of section 173 will apply to private companies only if the Articles do not provide anything otherwise.

MCA has clarified that the provisions of this section will apply to all notices issued on or after 12th September, 2013.

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