Hardly few people born with the golden spoon. And every one has only 2 hands to work, only 2 legs to walk, and each one o have only one mouth to eat , 2 ears to listen , one brain to understand and thinking. Further, there are only 24 hrs a day and maximum hrs to work are 12 to 14 hrs only who do not have BLACK MONEY.

If any of them born with extra ordinary ‘mahimas’ or any others, then they are not at all human beings. They are all called as the “GODS”. But practically we have not seen so far, except studied in histories about “GODS”. Showing all these , some clever people encashing the weak ness of Poor. So come to the point,

To control & reduce the Black money and corruption, the Govt. must develop the systems from the starting and uniformly. Then they need not catch hold the caller of the particular corrupted people.

The main reason to build up or Block the ‘Black Money’ is corruption and decevings. If Govt. implement the system, people also can not angry on govt. Hence theGovt. must implement the following steps immediately to control the ‘Corruption’ and ‘Black Money’. Those are,

01. Please,make sure to issue “Aadhar Card” to all the Indians. Today we have about 127 crore population.


02. Make sure to issue “PAN Card” to all the Indians, like a birth certificates.


03. Make sure to have a only one “Bank A/c ” to each and every person of Indian. Govt. may permit one post office saving Bank a/c, as a additional. There must be portable facility to change one Bank to another Bank, but the number should be same.


04. Make sure to have only ‘One cell phone Number’ by each person, with the portable fecility.


05. Make sure to link up all the official ID cards ( Voter card, ration card, driving license , pass port , health card etc.,) with their ” Aadhar Card” and “PAN Card” .


06. Make sure to divide all the Indians as “Rich and Poor” based on their income and wealth. But not on based on their caste and religions or regions and vote bank , since we already crosed 67 years of Independence.


07. Must treat all the govt. employees as the ‘Rich’ , irrespective of their caste, religion and handy cap and old age.


08. Make sure to implement the prime minister slogan of “ART”. Accountability, Responsibility and Transparent.


09. Make sure to get register all the properties, businesses of India and foreign countries assets (Movable and immovable including lockers) in their names, by giving 6 months time at free or concessional registration fee. And link up with the Aadhar cards , Bank account Numbers and PAN cards.


10. Make sure the govt. to collect back all the unregistered lands from the people.


11. Must keep close control on “FDI(s) and TRUST(s), Machineries, Organiztions. ( Those funds sources of FDIs and TRSTs).


12. Must ban all the un organised sector transactions, which are under control of Apex bodies. For example. Un authorised chit funds, lotteries, high rate of interest loans with blank cheques and blank stamp papers, chain businesses, different type of schemes etc.,


13. Must apply all the acts to all the Indians equal and transparent.


14. By linking all the above Cards and Accounts, the govt. can know easily, who is the Rich and who is the Poor people with the latest soft wares and they can identify Benami Assets and money landaring transactions and how the rich people secured the assets abnormally in the over nights and how much tax they have escaped etc.,


15. So that the govt. can easily remove all the subsidies and social welfare schemes( facilities) for the rich people and the gov.ment need not request the Rich and crore paties to with draw the ‘Gas Subsidies’ etc,.

So that the govt. can save crores of rupees each year from all type of sources & subsidies which they are providing to Rich and High Rich . Further, it improves the balance of Rich and Poor, improves infrastructure fecilities & Industries, reduces un employment and improves real per capita income and GDP.

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