About the Goods and services tax Portal About the Goods and services tax Portal is the Government’s Goods and services tax Portal, also called the GST Portal, which facilitates GST registration, GST Return filing, and many other services relevant to a GST registrant.

Contents on the at Homepage:-

GST registration for a normal taxpayer or GST practitioner – A person whose turnover exceeds Rs 20 lakh is required to register under GST. Refer to our article having step by step guide on ‘How to register for GST online’.

Guides on GST – There are many step-by-step how-to guides on the GST website. These help users clarify any doubt in return filing process, GST registration, etc.

News and updates – All news like the change in due dates and change in processes are updated in this section. Updates on rates are also posted here.

Important Dates containing due dates for GST returns – The website also displays the due dates for GST returns on the home page. This is to help new users to be updated about the due dates of return filing.

Download link for GST offline software – The government has both online and offline ways to add details for filing GST Returns. A Link is also provided for download offline utility from GST Governments GST is provided on the website.

Act and Rules – CGST Act and Rules, SGST Act and Rules and all other acts and rules relevant to GST are available for download on GST Portal

Notification & Circulars – Any communication from the government like the extension of due dates and clarification on certain rules are made through notifications and circulars. These are available on governments GST website

Search Taxpayer feature – You can search for a taxpayer using GSTIN to verify the details of the taxpayer. This feature is available on the home page and also after logging in.

GST Practitioners can also register. Soon the feature for ‘Find a Taxpayer’ will be enabled to connect businesses with GST Practitioners. Similarly ‘Find a GST Practitioner’ will also be enabled to help taxpayers to help them to file GST returns (similar to TRP in Income Tax)

Goods and services tax Portal

Following services is available while login in the Goods and services tax official Website : –

Download link for GST offline software

A registered user can also log in to

Once a user logs in these are the services available to a user –

File GST returns – There are 3 monthly returns that a user has to file along with 1 annual return. All these returns can be filed online on the Government’s GST website.

File transition forms – All transitions forms like TRAN 1, TRAN 2, TRAN 3 should be filed on the Goods and services tax Portal.

Search for Taxpayer using GSTIN

Change User Details

How to register on

Every person is required to register for GST when the turnover exceeds Rs 20 lakh.

This is required to be done on GST website. It is very easy to register on It is a simple 11 Step process to register on Government Goods and services tax Portal.

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