Access I-T return filing account without updating contact profile details

Access I-T return filing account without updating contact profile details

The income tax department has relaxed to updating contact profile details the ‘compulsory/forcible’ updation of tax payer details on its return filing website. When this new requirement was introduced on September 22, a tax payer was unable to log in to their e-filing account without first giving and verifying all contact, profile and bank account details. Now the income tax department has removed this compulsory ‘forcible’ updation method. Instead, a tax payer is able to log into his/her e-filing account, and a page for updation of these details automatically opens.

Now you can Skip giving these details and go on to use the other facilities in your account.

The income tax department has asked new as well as existing tax payers to update their profiles by logging into the e-filing website in order to facilitate effective communication between the department and tax payers.

Once the advisory came into effect, many tax payers were not able to login into their account unless they gave the required details to the department.” Tax2Win is an online tax return filing and advisory firm.

Many tax payers reached out to us saying they were unable to login to their accounts without the required details.”

The advisory issued on September 22 said, “New Registration process to facilitate effective communication between the tax payer and department is enabled. The existing e-filing users are required to update their profile by logging into e-filing account. Users who have registered already and not activated has to register again. ”

updating contact profile details

The department has asked tax payers to provide details such as residential status and address, registered mobile number, secondary mobile number, primary and secondary email addresses, , and bank account details.

The department has further said that same mobile number and email ID can be used by a maximum of 3 assessees for their primary contact details.

Apart from this, the details provided by the tax payer will required to be authenticated via a one-time password (OTP) which is sent over email and SMS. The tax payer is required to confirm the same using the OTP.

Until 22 September, tax payers were able to link a single mobile number for more than 3 accounts on the e-filing portal. On 22 September, the department made it mandatory for all users to update their profile which included updating of personal and secondary emails, mobile phone numbers, address and bank account details.

This change raised technical challenges for many tax payers whose mobile numbers were already linked to more than 3 accounts (for example, friends or family members). They were not able to login to their account unless they updated their profile.”.

He further adds: “In this case, the tax payer was not able to get the OTP and the site was showing an error that the number is already registered for 3 users. Hence, the only option left was updating the mobile number for the other accounts first (i.e., de-linking his own
mobile number from other accounts and bringing the count to below 3) and then updating his own profile. However, it was difficult for a tax payer to identify all the accounts where his mobile number was already registered and getting it delinked from the other accounts.

Fortunately, the income tax department has now inserted a skip button, by clicking it the tax payer can skip the profile update page and do all the necessary tasks on the e-filing portal which comes as a big relief for many who have to access their tax returns, 26AS, etc. or need to respond to any tax notice.”

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