Now you can get PAN and TAN numbers in just 1 day

Now you can get PAN and TAN numbers in just 1 day

To improve the Ease of Doing Business for new corporates, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has tied up with Ministry of Corporate Affairs to issue PAN and TAN in just 1 day.

“Applicant companies can submit a common application form SPICe (INC 32) on the corporate affairs ministry portal and once the data of incorporation is sent to CBDT by the ministry, the PAN and TAN will be issued immediately without any further intervention of theapplicant,” Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

“The Certificate of Incorporation (COI) of newly incorporated companies includes the PAN inaddition to the Corporate Identity Number (CIN). TAN is also allotted simultaneously andcommunicated to the Company,” Ministry added.

The ministry said, 19,704 newly incorporated Companies have been allotted PAN in thismanner till March 31.During March, 2017, of the 10,894 newly­incorporated companies, PAN was allotted within 4hours in 95.63 per cent cases and within 1 day in all cases. Similarly, TAN was allotted to all such companies within 4 hours in 94.7 percent cases and within 1 day in 99.73 per cent cases.

The new system would make the entire registration process simpler, reduce the number of registration required and the time taken forallotment of the registration number (CIN, PAN, TAN).In another initiative, CBDT has also introduced the Electronic PAN Card (E­PAN) facility, which will be sent by email, in addition to issue ofthe physical PAN Card at the time of issuance.

E­PAN would be a digitally­ signed card, which can be submitted as a proof of identity to other agency electronically directly or by storing inthe government’s Digital Lock

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