Can You Earn from Equity Market?

Can You Earn from Equity Market?

I think who is opening this Article already known about the Equity Market.So I will not waste the time to know you about the Equity Market

In India, We can Trade-in Equity Market through Various Brokerage House Panel e.g. IIFL, Motilal, Angel, Zerodha, 5 paisa, Share khan Etc.

The First Thing I want to let you know is that if you trade like purchase and sales and want to earn money in the short term.

This is pure speculation. And my friends’ speculation is not the relative of anybody. Neither no one can earn for their household needs from Speculations or can create goods wealth for their life.

If you want to make good wealth for you and your family first throw the idea to trade regularly in this market.

Equity Market or Share market is not a part-time job that you can run with your other daily activities.

If you do like this you can never create your wealth.

Now what we should do, to earn money for our daily needs to create wealth from this market.


Invest Regularly

You Should Invest a small Amount Regularly in this market at particular time intervals like in 7 days,15 days, or monthly.

Like Systematic Investment Plan…of Mutual Funds

Set Horizon for your investment.Like 5 Year, 10 Year, or 15 Year.


Put a large amount in the lump sum.

Watch regularly of the market.

Sell your investment in a shorter period.

Put your money lump sum even if the Market Crash.

The above article was written by me to develop an initial thought about investments.

I again insist you friends that do not be greedy to earn more and more money or become a crorepati in a short period.


5 bad investment habits which you have to kill


Not thing long term

Not having investment plan

Tring to predict the market

Investing in dump penny stocks

Not doing to you own research


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