LIC IPO: 10 things that should know about policyholders, retail investors and employees

LIC IPO 10 things that should know about policyholders, retail investors and employees

IPO of LIC can come in March. It will be the largest IPO in the country. It has been kept 10 per cent for Policyholders (Policyholders). But the policyholders have to meet some conditions to get cheap shares in LIC. Learn this whole thing.

The country’s largest insurance company LIC (LIC), is still preparing to bring the biggest IPO. Some parts for LIC’s employees (Employees) and Policyholders (LIC Policyholders). Policyholders will be shared cheaply.

But for this, they have to fulfil some conditions. Let’s know ten things about LIC IPO: retail investors, employees, and policyholders.

1- Five per cent of this IPO is for employees and 10 per cent policyholders.

2- 3.16 crore share reserve for 26 million policyholders of LIC kept. But only the same policies can apply for it, which will be connected to the PAN policy and have a demat account.



3- Its a total of 35 per cent is for retail investors. The policyholder can bid for shares up to four lakh rupees, and he can bid in the Policyholder and Retail Category.

4- Both applications made from the same demat account will also be considered valid. There will be no lock-in period for policyholders, and they can sell shares on the day of the listing.

5- Policyholders should have a demat account by their name. It is essential to update Pan (PAN) in his policy record till February 28 and should release the policy on February 13, 2022, or before.

6- Group Policies is not valid, and the life partner can not apply for them.

7- Can Update the PAN on LIC’s website

8- Pan-LIC Status to learn /getpolicyPanstatus. Insert your policy number, birth date and pan. After this, submit the captcha.

9- It is necessary to apply for an IPO or be demat for the purchase and sale of shares. There are two deposits in India, NSDL and CDSL, and many financial institutions participate in these deposits. Can also Demat accounts with any of these. If a policyholder already has a demat account, it does not need to open it.

10- This is the third-largest IPO in the world. Five other domestic and global investment banks, including SBI Caps, Citigroup, Nomura, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, are Bookrunning Lead Managers (Bookrunning Lead Managers) for this IPO.

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