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Goods and services Tax

Goods and services Tax is applied by Indian government as one nation one tax

“GST” Was Apply by the Government to benefited to Business Man.

Before Implementation of GST Various Indirect taxes like service tax,Sales tax,and Excise duty was applicable in india .

In Above all indirect tax cenvat credits i.e. input tax credits on purchase/services received was adjusting with outward sales and outward services given .

For smooth running of this system the Indian Government also implemented this by discontinue of above mentioned tax,

In This Section we try to clarify regarding GST Refunds,GST Returns,GST Circulars,GST Notifications,GST Forms. 

New releases on GST Portal

New releases on GST Portal Here are few updates and new functionalities, which were made available on GST Portal with effect from 6th November,2018. A) Assessment and Adjudication: (i) Provisional Assessment: 1. An application for Provisional Assessment in Form GST- ASMT-01 to the jurisdictional officer can be filed online, by those taxpayers on GST portal, who […]