Suggestions to Control the Black Money and corruption

Suggestions to Control the Black Money and corruption

Since a Long periods , every day and every nook & corner , there is a discussion from a common man to Senior political Leaders and on every News Paper and every day , there is a news about control of the “Black Money and “Corruption“, ratios , percentages and ranks etc., Besides to these words,they are also using other words Viz., Poverty, Un employment, Reservations, Cleanliness, Education, and Health issue words etc. etc., By using these words , just creating the activity and making people alert . By closing and opening eyes , 5 years term going out and again come next elections , budgets , advertisements and speeches as usual . By the same time Rulers / Leaders are building up their ” VOTE BANK” , ” Black Money” etc., but nothing else is being materialized.

Really, if the Govt or any Organizations or any other “un known power” wants to control the ” Black Money” and “Corruption” or any others , I want to suggest few ‘IDEAS’, to those who are really keep up their words ( not speeches on dais ) and eager to implement, in the interest of the Poor Nation.

01. First, leave the selfishness , Nepotism and favouritism.

02. let the people to declare all their and their family members& friends registered Assets ,Un registered Assets and Benami Assets ( Lands,Houses, Gold,Cash, Stocks, Foreign Currency etc.) National and International and in Moon etc., honestly and pay the ” Taxes” accordingly.

03. Conduct the survey on total Lands and Houses of the country and give the notices to all to register in the name of respective owners at nominal registration fess or NIL fee , by giving time 365 days.Later take hand over the un registered lands, Houses etc., and distribute to poor.

04. Conduct the ” Surgical strike” on “Gold and Other Ornaments ” also. By keeping standard limits, demand for to pay the 50% TAX. ( No body has more than two hands to earn hand some money and their fore fathers also do not have 8 hands to earn 100 times wealth, honestly. And no body has more than 24 hrs to work in a day).

05. From the long repeatedly writing, to make it as a mandatory to have each one, only “One Bank A/c and only “One Cell Phone Number” , like Aadhar card , PAN card, Voter Card, Passport, Driving Licence and Ration Card etc., and link up all the Fixed ( Non movable Assets Ex: Land & buildings, Houses & Flats , Machinery, Motor Vehicles) & Current Assets ( Movable Assets ex: Cash, Gold ,Silver & Daimond ornaments, All Bank Accounts, Shares & Mutual Funds, Insurance Policies , House hold goods, Stocks, Chits & Schemes and Loans & Advances given etc.,) with Aadhar Card, PAN card and Mobile Number.

06.What ever punishments are there, first start from the high level category people (Rich & Influenced) and then low level people. Do not punish low level , innocent and poor people. Just create the punishment environment on low level people, by giving punishments to highly fraud , deceived (Rich & Influenced) people , irrespective of their cast religion, region and capacity and power. Laws & Acts should apply for Poor and Rich equally and in time.

07. Gradually reduce the reservations, Subsidies and Loan waiving s to Land Lords. Use every rupee of tax collections for the develop of the human resources, natural resources and keep up the environment intact.

08. Do not try for after every 5 years to form the Govt. Give the chance to others to form the Govt and rule better than you. ”We know very well that every year, old leaves of the trees are falling down and new leaves are coming”. The Trees aren’t giving Coolness,Flowers, Fruits,Oxygen and Sticks etc.,?

09. There must be amended the constitution to implement after every 5 years, there is a president rule in INDIA, to control the ” Black Money” and reduce “Corruption”. With this amendment, every one will have some fear to do frauds or manipulates the frauds or post pones the frauds to get clean chit in right time. No one become ‘MONOPOLY’ in doing “Corruptions” and escaping from better chances.

10. Take the feed back and suggestions from the public, time to time and try to implement them , if you feel these are better.

I believe that one day Honest and Dynamic Ruler will come these will be implemented.. Let’s wait and watch .

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