Need to know about TAN

Need to know about TAN

What is TAN Number?

TAN number is a specific number allotted for Deduction/ Collection of TDS and payment of same into Govt A/c by a person, who is making payment in relation to a business purpose/ transaction. The TAN No provides a unique Identification to Tax Deductor / Collector and help in the tracking of transactions, like payment of taxes and return filing.

Why TAN No is required?

As per Mandate from Income Tax department, every business entity needs to deduct TDS (Tax Deduction at Sources), while making payment for certain business transactions, such as payment to Contractors/Sub-Contractor, or Professional for their services. After such deduction, such payment needs to be deposit in Govt. A/c through online banking or through challan to be deposited in specified Banks and, after that, a return also needs to be filed in this regards.

Simply TAN no is a must before anyone can proceed for a Tax deduction or payment.

Does every business entity need to take TAN No?

No, Only those business which needs to deduct TDS or Collect TDS need to apply for TAN No.

What happens if I take TAN No, even it was not required?

Taking TAN No is not a legal mistake, however, once you have taken the TAN no, you need to mandatorily file a quarterly return, even no tax has been collected by you. Hence it adds an additional compliance cost without any benefit. In fact, if you forget to file the return, you will end up paying 100 Rs late filing fee per day till the date of submission of returns.

It has been seen that much online company formation consulting firm offer free TAN No, without understanding the actual need of a client. That practice actually put an additional compliance burden on the client.

What are Compliances which need to be done after taking TAN no?

After taking TAN No every firm need to comply with 2 compliances:

Payment of tax deducted/Collected:-The Total payment deducted by assessee need to be paid by 7th of Next Month in Govt. A/c
Filing of return:- After payment of taxes and Return of same should be uploaded for every Quarter before 15th of next month of the quarter ending
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