New procedure to file TDS returns online w.ef. 01.05.16

New procedure to file TDS returns online w.ef. 01.05.16


1. Log into ‘TRACES’ with the details of the assessee whose return is to be filed.

2. Click at ‘Register for E-filing’ option at the left corner of the ‘TRACES’ window page.

3. This will take us to the ‘EFILING’ portal of the Income Tax Department, asking to register (as a tax deductor and collector) with the TAN of the assessee being the default user id.

4. The assessee needs to create a password, giving details of the Authorized Person (like designation, mobile no., email id and other basic information of the Organization (like address, landline no, fax no. etc. Fill in the required details and submit the same after typing in the CAPTCHA image.

5. Now log into the ‘EFILING’ portal of the Income Tax Department (using PAN, password and date of incorporation/date of birth of the assessee) and approve the TAN registration as done in Step no. 3 above by going to the ‘For Your Action’ tab at the top-right of the window.

6. After approval, a link will be sent to the e-mail id as given in step no. 3, and a PIN will be sent to the mobile no. given in step no. 3.

7. Click on the link sent on e-mail id and provide the PIN as received on the mobile no. and submit. This completes the registration process.

Note: Registration as above is needed only if not yet registered as a tax deductor and collector.


1. Download the DSC Management Utility and go the the ‘Register/Reset Password..’ tab.

2. Fill in the TAN of the Organization and PAN of the DSC holder, select the type of DSC being used, i.e., .pfx or USB token, select the DSC and generate the signature file. Save the same.

3. Log into the ‘EFILING’ portal with the ID as created above (i.e., as a tax deductor and collector), go to ‘Profile Settings-Register DSC’, upload the DSC file as created in step no. 9 and submit. This completes DSC registration.

Note: DSC registration is only needed once or when a new DSC is being used.


1. Input TDS return data in software (or else in the Return Preparation Utility i.e., RPU of NSDL) and process the same.

2. Select the option to upload the return to ‘EFILING’ portal of the ITD. This will generate a ZIP file of the processed return. Save the same.

3. Go to the DSC Management Utility, select ‘Bulk Upload’ option, attach the ZIP file as created in step no. 12, input TAN of the assessee and PAN of the DSC holder, choose DSC option, i.e. USB token/.pfx file, select the digital signature certificate and generate an DSC file. Save the same.

4. Now, log into the ITD portal with the tax deductor and collector’s login id and select upload TDS return option from the TDS tab, give in the required details like FVU version, financial year, quarter, form type etc. and submit the same. Attach the ZIP file as created in step no. 12 and DSC file as generated in step no. 13 and submit.

5. A token no. will be generated which can be checked from ‘view filed return’ option of the e-filing website. The return filing process is, thus, complete.

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