Startup – Your ideas can be stolen

Startup – Your ideas can be stolen

In a recent convention one of the participants asked a question “can our thoughts be stolen”. As a panelist, we have been required to deal with this touchy question without hurting the emotions of the innovator. along with me on the panel had been 3 marketers; one who was into natural farming, any other who made suitable for eating cutleries and a CEO in the commercial enterprise of education the lecturers. i was the unusual individual within the panel, an ECG professional, having specialised in ethics, compliance and governance.It became my turn to answer to this question, I started analysing on those lines.

ideas – what’s it?

ideas canbe conditions or a trouble encountered by an entrepreneur in his personal lifestyles. the primary person that I had met who had converted a few trouble into an idea became the founder of Su-kam inverters. There can also be someone who has no difficulty however desires to do some thing in life and whilst the family taunts the man or woman for not doing something in that frustration an idea may be born, which can be sitting on a sofa sofa and writing a program for making on-line payments. And there are a zillion methods to get ideas sitting in parks, eateries and of route in bogs (restrooms),thoughts can come screaming “Eureka”.

changing ideas to business

it is by no means clean to transform an idea into business; in fact it is one of the toughest activities. even as we may be in aposition to make the first buck, it’s miles extremely tough to convert that first greenback into closing buck and circulate out of a commercial enterprise after having the pride of converting the concept right into a commercial enterprise.

thoughts may be stolen

that is the very best element to occur and there are a few hundred memories that each one folks can relate to when our ideas that we continually idea had been authentic or fabricated or copied were stolen from us, proper under our nose and we perhaps helplessly looking that scenario.

ideas as tradition

The a success startups are people who have managed to convert their ideas right into a way of life, where ideas have grow to be a success as a lifestyle and the first-rate instance is fb. the opposite concept that has turn out to be a cultureisWhatsApp, OMG one get commenced without knowing what’s up nor land up with out understanding what’s up. With the younger crowd there is a snapchat, for whom it’s miles usually a pride of masses and of path all time preferred, for every age youtube. How can one overlook google that seems to have changed the dictionary that means for seek – google me. those are only a few remarkable stories of how ideas were given transformed into way of life.

how to convert an idea into a way of life?

this is one thousand million dollar query (take a look at the valuations of the corporations noted above). I go away this query in an effort to think and honestly I feel every entrepreneur who has transformed an concept into a subculture need no longer worry approximately his or her idea being stolen.

finally, the easy answer to the question as a panelist was “yes, thoughts can be stolen, but when thoughts emerge as culture, that way of life can never be stolen”. The marketers sitting subsequent to me had been into organic meals, edible cutlery and teaching and all these were thoughts which have turn out to be a lifestyle. bet what my answer appear to be most pleasing to them and that they had been the first to mention – no our thoughts can not be stolen.

entrepreneurs it is time you get ideas transformed into a way of life.

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