These 5 income tax rules will be changed from 01 April 22

These 5 income tax rules will be changed from 01 April 22.

This time, there was no significant change in the budget in the budget …

Finance Year 2021-22 are being at end. From 01 April 2022, the new financial year (FY23) will start on 01 April 2022. Along with this, many significant changes are also going to happen. The most important changes are going to happen to Income Tax. Some Rules related to Income Tax (Income Tax Rules) from 01 April Going to change, which are going to affect your pocket and budget. Let’s know about 5 significant changes related to income tax.

1: Relief from Divya and Covid Treatment

At this time, the people in the budget also expect the government’s expectations on the Income Tax Front. There was a disappointed hand in place of the relatives. Although the government of Naryande Had announced. Miles to treat Corona The amount received from 10 lakh rupees to 10 lakh rupees is also kept out of tax. Was. The government has also relieved the civilians. If a person is Divya, his parent Or the Guardian can take advantage of tax exemption and take advantage of tax exemption on it.

2: Updated IT Returns

This time, significant changes have been made to the income tax rules, their updated return files. It is essential to give convenience. If you have remained a mistake the first time, then. You can do the second updated return. Whichever The case is, after 2 years, the updated return can be done. Although this feature is just For those cases which is full of tax-free tax or a taxable Income information has been missed.

3: Tax on Crypto Currency

From one April to India will be asset taxable. 30 on crypto Currency There is a vast tax attendant. Also, on the crypto-related transaction, 1 Per cent TDS will also be cut. However, TDS will be available in July 2022. Similarly There is no facility to offset Los in the crypto. Suppose From crypto, you will not be able to do it. It means that the benefits will have to pay taxes. To help it, if you
From the bitcoin, 1000 rupees earned and 500 rupees from them got damaged. So this In the event your net profit may be 500 rupees, but you have 1000 rupees on the benefit Tax will be given.

4: NPS Deduction for State Government Employees

Employees of State Governments Now More Dedication Claims on Amplifier Will be able to do it. In the budget, the minister said that now the employees of the State Governments also have a Basic Salary And up to 14 per cent of inflation allowance, 80ccd (2) Deduction Claim to Contribution

5: Tax on PF Account

Central Direct Tax Board Neem Tax (25th Amendment Rule 2021 01 April Have decided to do it. In addition to this, 2.5 lakh rupees in EPF The contribution will remain tax-free. If your EPF accounts are 2.5 lakh rupees Well, it will be incomprehensible for income taxpayers on the assistance. This Changes will be affected by the fabulous sector, whose salary is high.

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