These taxpayers liabile for Prosecution Income tax Offences. Provision for Jail with penalty

ITR filing: Central Board of Direct Taxes is close to the last date to file income tax returns for 2021-22. The deadline to file the ITR was December 31, 2021, increasing to March 31. If you do not fill out the ITR before the deadline, These taxpayers liable for Prosecution Income tax Offences. Provision for Jail with the penalty.


It is important news for those who file the Income Tax Return (ITR). The Central Government has kept the deadline (ITR FILING LAST DATE) March 31. If you do not get rid of a fixed date, you may also be jailed with a penalty. Let’s know in detail.

The first was December 31

Significantly, according to the new guidelines of Income Tax Returns, now the income tax return can be filed till March 31. According to the information given by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), the income tax return file for the assessment year 2021-22 has been increased to March 31, 2022. The deadline to file the first ITR was December 31. You might have trouble if you did not file a return before the scheduled date.

Will have to give the heavy penalty.

If you do not file ITR till March 31, you can be at least 3 years and 7 years. Suppose Taxpayers did not deposit taxes, then on behalf of the Department, besides the outstanding tax and interest.

In that case , The liability can be imposed on 50 to 200 percent. If the government can run a lawsuit against such taxpayers, not only that.

These taxpayers may grow difficult.

According to the rules made by the Income Tax Department, the government does not prosecute all taxpayers, failing to fill it. When the tax liability is more than 10 thousand rupees, only then is the lawsuit prosecuted. According to this rule, if the taxable income is more than Rs 5 lakh, the taxpayer may have to penalty up to Rs 5,000. If the taxable income is less than 5 lakhs, a sentence can be imposed up to Rs 1,000.

Online ITR

– First logged on Income tax efiling Portal

– Now go to E-File> Income Tax Returns> File Income Tax Returns.

– Select Assessment Year, Filing Type, and Status and click on Pro.

– Select the reason to select it by file.

If the payment is made by filling in the necessary information, pay it.

– Click on the review and submit the return.

– Then Click Project for Verification.

– Now, you click on the verification mode.

– After this, eVC / OTP fills the ITR to e-verify and send CPC for the Signature Copy verification of ITR-V.

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