Last Few Days Study Tips to Prepare for Practical Subjects

Last Few Days Study Tips to Prepare for Practical Subjects

How to Study in Last Few Days before Exams.

First, Plan your days. Keep two days before exams for the first paper

Second, You are left with another twelve days. Divide the twelve days into two parts which gives you 24 parts.

Third, You will need to divide the parts for each subjects. Suppose other six subjects will get 4 parts each. (4 half days each)

Fourth, in each half day, you need to revise 1/4th portion of a subject. It means if your 1/4th portion contains 4 chapters, that means you need to finish revision of one chapter in 1.25 hours. (Assuming that you will study for 10 hours a day).

Fifth, Don’t study single subject for whole day. Shuffle subjects. You can divide the day in four parts and apply the above method.  Or at least you can divide the time slots for two subjects if not four.

Sixth, Before start of the chapter, keep a watch on time. You need to finish the same in 1.25 hours. You will become very effective in your approach. Your mind will not wander.

Seven, Take enough sleep. Dont compromise on sleep. There is a deep science behind need for adequate sleep. So never compromise on sleep. Especially when practical subjects exams, take at least 7 hours sleep. And believe me, investing 1 more hour in sleep is better than reading 1 more hour. (Just imagine, how that 1 hour will matter as against your whole year study?) Invest that time on sleep and your mind will recollect whatever has been prepared in past. Proper sleep affects retrieval power and it makes your mind more calm.

Eight, While going to exam, calm your mind by using any methods, Breathing exercise, meditation etc. Rest for ten mins before leaving home. This will improve retrieval power of brain.

Nine, In exams, write only qualitative contents. Don’t drag your answers thinking that the length is not according to the marks. Its not necessary to give two page answer for 5 marks question. Even if you answer qualitatively in half page or one page. The same will serve purpose.

Ten, Try your level best to complete 100 marks paper, you have 1.7 minutes for each mark. Calculate, you have got 8.5 minutes for answering five marks question. You need to recall only the qualitative content answer in those allowed time and produce on paper. Don’t   even waste few seconds writing unnecessary explained answers

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